I understand how important every minute is for a company therefore I offer a maintenance service for those who wish to ensure that everything is always being taken care of. In addition I offer a maintenance service which can be scheduled as often as the customer requires. If it’s a weekly, monthly or even quarterly visit, let me know and we can arrange to suit you. Not everyone is the same and I understand that the needs are different.

I offer a discreet and professional service therefore you will not even notice I am there, unless it’s a noisy job you have asked for. I will ensure that I get to your office as early as possible, complete the job as quickly as possible and let you to get on with your day to day as soon as possible.

Our routine visits will be scheduled around what is required for your company, you choose. Prices will of course come a little more attractive than the hourly and daily rates!

This service does not need to be expensive and a routine is always best to ensure those small jobs are met and do not just go onto a long list which never gets seen to.