I do general handyman work which covers a wide range of jobs, but will not carry out any mayor electrical, plumbing and replacement work including any new wiring. For these services which I do not cover, I always have professionals at hand to assist therefore a project does not require a client to find all the different services required as I can coordinate this. All professionals I work with are of the best quality!

I am a small job specialist. You can book me in to do a specific job or various small jobs. The decision always sits with the customer and for this reason I charge reasonable hourly, half daily and daily rates or if the job is slightly larger, I can provide an individually tailored quote for the job which will always be a more beneficial price.

Give me your list and I will confirm the time this will take!

I have a full range of tools to ensure the job on hand is dealt with to the most professional standards. My quotes include the use of all my tools therefore the client does not need to do anything else but book my time in and purchase their own materials if this is their wishes.


Repair, replace or install

Carpentry / wood work

Wood work: windows, doors, floors…


Painting, tiling and wallpapering

Odd jobs

Picture frames, curtains, flat packs…


Installation, repairing, changing

Gardening & exterior work

Mowing, planting, fencing, paving…